Pole DAC FL 270cm, 33cm segment, dia 9mm (3pb)

Extra poles for SL/Pro tents

Extra tent poles from DAC, for your PRO or SL tent

Product: Pole DAC FL 270cm, 33cm segment, dia 9mm (3pb)
380 kr

    Pole DAC FL 270cm, 33cm segment, dia 9mm (3pb)

    We use DAC Featherlite NSL poles in all our PRO and SL tents. The segments of these poles have expanded ends, which gives a 20% increase in strength relative to their center. This allows for a reduction in wall thickness and total weight, without decreasing the strength. The poles are produced using a special surface coating, which minimizes the use of chemicals, resulting in a more environmentally friendly procedure than traditional treatment methods. A pole in a Helsport tent is a function of the length of the roof curve, the diameter of the pole and the tent's height. Based on this, including the placement of the pole, we decide the diameter, the degree of bending, and the length of each section. In short: all our poles are customized to each tent model. This elaborate process gives maximal strength and flexibility in each pole for every tent model. The process is done following recommendations and in close cooperation with two of our main suppliers, two of the best producers of quality poles in the world: Yunan and DAC.

    • Deflection:9
    • Net weight (kg):0.15
    • Pole segment length (cm):33