Svalbard 6 Camp

Huge dome expediton tent

Our largest X-Trem tent, with good height and two entrances

15 999 kr


    • Weight: 7,05 kg
    • Packed size: 50x25 cm

    Svalbard 6 Camp

    Svalbard 6 Camp is ideal as a basecamp-tent, and the best choice for a large group camping during winter. Good height provides extra space and comfort, something you will appreciate if weather bound or generally just spending more time inside the tent.

    The flysheet har a tear strength of 20 kg, making it one of the most durable in the market. With two entrances there is always one in shelter from the wind. It also simplifies access. Because all poles are crossing, this tent withstands tough wind and weather conditions extra well. In addition to a very solid and stabile construction, this also generates more space and height inside. For extra safety in extreme wind some choose to use double poles, at which is possible on this tent.

    If you value comfort, space and wind-stability, this is a very good choice for your next winter adventure.

    • Tent pole weight (g):1370
    • Tent pole stiffness:1370
    • Deflection:10.25
    • Water column outer tent (mm):3000
    • Tear strength:18
    • Net weight (kg):7.05
    • Net volume (l):50
    • TentEntrences:2
    • Tent vestibules:2
    • TentPegs:32
    • Tent persons:6
    • Pole segment length (cm):48
    • Tent inner weight (kg):1.86
    • Tent outer weight (kg):2.89
    • Tent pegs weight (g):800
    • Tent water column ground sheet (mm):5000