Rago Spring Lady

Down sleeping bag for spring

A perfect bag for trips when the temperature stays above zero

3 099 kr


    • Weight: 0.95 kg
    • T-Comf: 5°C
    • Person length/width: 175/75 cm
    • Volume compressed: 24x18 cm (6L)

    Rago Spring Lady

    So lightweight and compact you hardly notice it’s in your pack. We’ve achieved the optimal warmth-to-weight ratio by tailoring the fit of the bag for the Scandinavian market, and strategically distributing high-quality 650 duck down.

    The fit of the Rago Spring Lady is carefully designed to avoid cold spots forming. Cold spots occur when the down is flattened against the bag wall while you sleep. By extending the widest part of the bag from shoulder to hip you’ll be able to move around without cold spots forming. We’ve added extra down to the foot and shoulder regions of the Rago Spring Lady, providing additional insulation in areas where it’s needed, ensuring a good night's sleep.

    • Zip:Left
    • Zip length (cm):150
    • Fill Material:650 FP RDS Duck Down 90/10
    • Fill weight (g):306
    • Net weight (kg):1.17
    • T-Comf:5
    • T-Lim:0
    • T-Ext:-15
    • Sleeping bag person length (cm):175
    • Sleeping bag person width (cm):75
    • Gender:Women