Adjustable length for kids

Sleeping bag adjustable in four lengths, as the child grows

999 kr


    • Weight: 0.80 kg
    • Person length/width: 60-105/50 cm
    • Volume compressed: 22x18 cm (6L)


    Mini is designed to fit the children as they grow and become older. You can adjust the length of the bag as the child grows longer so that the sleeping bag always has the correct length, and the child will not have to heat up unnecessary air. The bag can be adjusted to 60, 80, 90 and 115 cm length. These are lengths suitable from 6 months age until 5 years (max. 115 cm body height).

    Mini has zippers on both sides so that it is easy to get the child in and out. The snug hood ensures proper protection for small heads and the mummy shaped bag provides higher insulation. No-slide fabric at the back of the bag prevents the bag from slipping, and a seat-strap keeps the bag in place when used in pulks. It is also possible for the child to sit with arms out of the bag. This can be practical when camping or to secure a smaller child. The bag has comfortable micro polyester inner fabric and water repellent ripstop outer fabric to support heavy use and easy cleaning.

    • Zip:Left
    • Zip length (cm):90
    • Fill Material:Thermofill Synthetic fiber
    • Fill weight (g):225
    • FillConstruction:Sandwich
    • Net weight (kg):0.88
    • Net volume (l):22
    • Sleeping bag person length (cm):105
    • Sleeping bag person width (cm):50
    • Gender:Junior