Alta Superlight Winter

Superlight winter sleeping bag in fiber

A Superlight version of our popular winter sleeping bag, Alta Winter

3 899 kr


    • Weight: 1,86
    • T-lim: -16°C
    • Person length: 185 cm
    • Volume compressed: 33x26 cm (18)

    Alta Superlight Winter

    The Alta Superlight range is a lightweight version of our popular test winner through many years, Alta. This is the sleeping bag for those who wants a bag with low weight and the benefits of the synthetic material in damp conditions. This synthetic sleeping bag is also perfect for those who sleep in a hammock, under a tarp or under the sky.

    The combination of the high-quality synthetic Thermolite T3 ecomade fiber, the comfortable and thermal efficient fit makes this a perfect sleeping bag for weight consciousness adventurers. The Thermolite T3 Ecomade is made with innovative fibers for improved insulation values than standard synthetic fiber. It has a soft hand feel including a good compression and recovery of the fiber. Thermolite T3 Ecomade also has a unique combination of fiber and batting provides for breathability and increased comfort for the wearer.

    The Alta-range-range comes in two versions, standard and winter, and both models are available in a standard and lady version. In the lady version we´ve added extra insulation in the foot-end for increased warmth and comfort.

    • Zip:Left
    • Zip length (cm):160
    • Fill Material:Thermolite T3 Ecomade 2x180 gsm
    • Net weight (kg):1.86
    • T-Comf:-9
    • T-Lim:-16
    • T-Ext:-37
    • Sleeping bag person length (cm):185
    • Sleeping bag person width (cm):75
    • Gender:Unisex