The sleeping bag test

Our friends have given a review on the sleeping bag they used the last time they were out playing!


Name: Maria Stray Homme

Location: Norway

Temperature: from -8 C° to + 25 C°

Duration: 75 days

Sleeping bag: Rago Spring Lady

Conclusion: This is my favorite sleeping bag for longer trips in the summer. It’s light and keeps me warm down to the freezing point. I’ve had a few nights below zero Celsius in this one, but I manage as long as I add some extra wool layers and a silk inner liner. The few cold nights are worth it due to the low weight, for me it means I can go for longer trips, because I can carry more food, instead of a heavier sleeping bag. I would recommend this for trips in the mountains or woods but consider a synthetic one if you are traveling in an area with high humidity.


Sleeping bag: Rago X-trem

Name: Kristin Imingen Hansen

Location: Nordland

Temperature: 2°C - 10°C

Duration: 4 days

Sleeping bag: Rago X-trem

Conclusion: I usually tend to get a bit cold when I go on hikes in Northern Norway. The weather is always changing and so are the temperatures. That’s why I love the Rago Xtreme sleeping bag even in the summer, especially since I like sleeping without a tent. I do keep my tent at an arm's length and packed away in my backpack as a back-up though. That way I know I can escape the rain if bad weather creeps in.


Name: Iselin Næss

Location: Hermandalstinden, Lofoten

Temperature: 5-15°C

Duration: 5 days

Sleeping bag: Rago Lady

Conclusion: I went road tripping in Lofoten last summer. Most days I slept outside under the open sky and midnight sun. My main tip to sleeping outside is to make sure to tighten the sleeping bag properly around your neck so that the warm air doesn't escape during the night. That and an eye mask when you are up North during summertime – something I forgot. 


Name: Erle Amalie Fuglesteg

Location: Finnmark and Troms (Nordkapp to Dividalen)

Temperature: -5 to +20

Duration: 24 days

Sleeping bag: Rago Superlight Lady

Conclusion: A sleeping bag with little impact on the space or weight of your backpack, but with great importance for warmth and restitution in the tent. It dries fast after you’ve been sleeping squeezed into the wet tentwall, melted chocolate won’t show on the bags color - and it closes firmly around your shoulders so you don’t smell your own sweat throughout the night.


Name: Gunhild Gaara

Location: Lofoten, Nordland

Temperature: ca. 8*C - 12*C

Duration: 5 days

Sleeping bag: Rago Superlight Winter Lady

Conclusion: This trip was in July, but the Norwegian summer isn’t exactly known for its heat waves. Especially not in Nordland! So there was little doubt about which sleeping bag I should bring. The winter bag! It feels as thin and light as a summer bag, but is of course much warmer. On hot summer nights it might feel too warm, but then it’s just a matter of opening the zipper and use it as a duvet. In a few minus degrees it works well with a hot water bottle and a insulating sleeping pad. In several minus degrees I would personally go for the X-Trem bag as I freeze easily.