Take a detour this summer!

"... after countless detours we finally ended up in Lofoten," Otto Sverdrup wrote in the book New Land from 1903. As one of history’s great polar heroes, Otto was probably used to not always being on track, and that's exactly what we want you to do this summer! Take a detour!

There are fantastic hiking destinations throughout Norway! From Svalbard in the north to Agder in the south, in every nook and cranny, valley and mountain, you will discover famous classics and hidden gems. Throughout the summer of 2020 we will feature a lot of great destinations. However, photos of Instagram favorites such as Trolltunga, the Pulpit Rock or the football field in Henningsvær will be scarce, as we want to show you everything else!

The most popular hiking destinations have hundreds of thousands of hashtags on Instagram, but we encourage you to take detours during your holidays, and discover the lesser known treasures of Norway! For instance, if you turn left in Valldal, instead of continuing to the ferry and on to Geiranger, you end up in insanely beautiful Tafjord. If you have Vega as your destination, but take a pit stop at Ylvingen you have time for a yoga session at the beach and bacalao so fresh that it swam around in the ocean before breakfast. If you sail up the Telemark Canal you will find fantastic, legendary Gygrestolen, just a hop, skip and jump from Bø.

Every week we will focus on a new region, and share photos and detour tips from people on the road. Feel free to tag your photos or stories on Instagram with @turjenter.no @helsport #turjenter #takeadetour

Have a great summer!