Summer camping tips: How to pitch your tent

Are you going camping during the holidays? Awesome! But before you go, have a quick read of these tips from Jarle, an experienced product developer at Helsport, and it will make your camping life much easier!

- The most important thing you do before a trip is to pitch your tent at home! With a brand new tent the chance for a defect is small, however, then it’s just as important to get to know your tent, and learn how to pitch it. Worst case scenario is being out in the wilderness, lacking an essential part that you decided to store elsewhere last time you camped.

Jarle recommends a pre-departure tent setup regardless of how often you go camping, and especially if the tent has been stored for a while it can save you some unwanted surprises.

- Maybe you forgot that something had to be fixed? It is easier to repair the tent at home, than after an 8 hour hike in the mountains! 

Tents come with several spare parts, and you may also want to get acquainted with how to use them. Here you will find a number of good tips on how to take care of your tent and how to fix it, should an accident occur.

- Being able to repair a broken tent pole is something you should know before you go for a hike, says Jarle.

He adds that when you’ve have found the perfect camp spot and pitched your tent, one of the most important things you can do is to provide good ventilation.

- Good ventilation is more important than many people think. With poor ventilation, condensation occurs, which in turn can make the sleeping bag moist and cold. If it is cold, many may think that closing the ventilation hatches will keep them warm, but this only leads to more moisture and condensation, which transports away the heat faster and makes you cold.

He also suggests spending some time finding a good tent site.

- It should be dry, flat and even. Think of the weather. Where does the wind come from? Where does the sun rise? How will it be tomorrow morning? If you pay attention to those things you get a good night's sleep!

Jarle often goes camping with his family, and is a bag fan of Lofoten Superlight 3

- It's a nice combination of weight and space, and the opportunity to open it at the end makes it easy to use when you are more people. If you have a tarp over the entrance you can make a small basecamp with plenty of space under the roof, and it is cozy on long, bright summer evenings!