Polar Shadows

In the beginning of February 2021, renowned polar explorer Vincent Colliard and his partner, adventure filmmaker and ultra-marathon athlete Caroline Côté, will endeavour upon an intensely challenging, winter crossing over the vast and rugged territory of Svalbard.


People: Vincent Colliard and Caroline Côté

Start: Feb. 2nd in Longyearbyen

End: Beginning of April, Longyearbyen

Distance: 1000+km

Season: Winter

Style: Unsupported

Their goal is to cross the main island of Spitsbergen, from North to South during the peak of the polar winter! This adventure is estimated to take more than 2 months, crossing over 1000km and being 100% self-sufficient! This brave and determined duo will have to tap into their highest endurance and perseverance levels if they are to achieve their goal.



Vincent and Caroline aim to witness the fragility of the ice first-hand and document the acceleration of climate change in this polar region. They hope to draw attention to the severity of the ice-melt globally through their photography and video footage.

This ambitious and demanding trip will be testing, to say the least and the polar night will leave limited room for error. The risk of coming face to face with bears will be constant. The sustained winds of the plateau and unpredictable weather in the fjords will cause dangerously low temperatures. This is going to be far from a walk in the park, for any adventurer and the daring duo are aware of the risks lying ahead! They have been training rigorously for this perilous crossing and are confident that they’ll accomplish their goal.


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