Elg 20L

Small and light backpack for kids who want to carry on their own.

669 kr

    Elg 20L

    Elg is an outdoor pack for kids who want to carry it on their own, either for kinder garden or for trips with the family. It comes in 15 and 20 liters.

    The backpack is ergonomically designed for children, and has features that helps them to find what they need on a day in the woods. The durable fabrics ensure that the pack can endure all of the kid’s adventures, and the integrated nametag indicates who the owner is. Elg has marked details in yellow so the kids easily can manage and adjust the backpack on their own.

    • FabricContent:Polyester 300D Honeycomb, Polyester 75D ripstop
    • Weight:0.6
    • Net weight (kg):0.6
    • Net volume (l):0
    • Backpack Volume (L):20