Technical info

Do you think tear strength, construction and water columns are super exciting? Do you wonder how Helsport Airflow II ® Ventilation System helps reduce condensation, improves indoor climate and improves sleeping comfort? Not to mention, why is it important for you and your sleep?

On these pages you will find information about all technical details, this is the fine print! If it gets too complicated you can go back to our purchase guides, as the most important information is there anyway, but if you are passionate about waterproofing, materials and seams, you’re in for a treat and a lot of useful material here.

By learning a little about the various details, it is also easier for you to find the optimal tent for your needs. You will quickly understand why Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp is not necessary for a camping trip in the garden in July (but it would do the job!), and also realize that Fonnfjell Trek is not the tent for a winter expedition in Alaska (it would not do the job…).

Helsport has produced tents for more than 60 years, and we have used the feedback we have received from polar explorers, mountain climbers and outdoor people to make continuous improvements. That means we know a lot about ventilation systems and tear strength, and we're happy to tell you about it!