Maybe something to bring when you go hiking this summer?

- Yes! For a long time, we’ve thought about making a synthetic sleeping bag of an even better quality than those we’ve had before. Helsport has many successful fiber sleeping bags, but there has been a gap between the very lightweight and more costly down bags, and what we had of fiber bags. The Trollheimen Superlight fills that gap.

The big difference between down and fiber is the weight and moisture resistance. Jarle says that Helsport wanted to create a sleeping bag that approaches down in insulation and quality, but at the same time holds the fiber's abilities to work in humid conditions.

- We wanted to create a fiber sleeping bag that will make it easier for the consumer to choose if they prefer fiber, or when going on trips where fiber bags are the most suitable. Several stores also wanted to offer a bag in the segment between more expensive down bags and less expensive fiber bags.

The Trollheimen Superlight comes in two versions, a Superlight, and a Winter version. Both also have a Lady-edition, where the biggest difference is the length of the bag, in addition to a little more insulation at the foot end in the Lady version.

Jarle says that the Trollheimen Superlight is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who is going on trips in humid conditions, either because it’s in coastal areas or because the weather forecast indicates rain.

- If you are going on a longer trip, it can be difficult to get the sleeping bag dried out from night to night. For outdoor enthusiasts who want a more durable sleeping bag, who sleep a lot under the stars or prefer a product that’s a little less delicate and vulnerable, the Trollheimen Superlight is perfect! 

If you plan to camp in coastal areas this summer, the Trollheimen Superlight is an excellent choice of sleeping bag. The materials are top notch, carefully selected from high quality suppliers. That, along with our 65 years of experience with developing sleeping bags, will ensure you a good, comfortable night’s sleep. 

Have a good trip!