LY Gapahuk

Minimalist shelter

Lightweight shelter, quick and easy to pitch

    LY Gapahuk

    The LY Gapahuk is perfect for ultralight trips from spring through fall, or just as a cover while having a break. It sleeps 4 people, but can also be used to increase comfort while tenting. By using the gapahuk over the tent entrance you get a spacious vestibule, and more room for drying and storing your gear, as well as cooking.

    The width is easily adjusted with an adjustable distance webbing. The rear height can be modified with guy lines or peg loops to suit different situations. The pitching is done with one single pole and the guy points have integrated guy line collectors with integrated peg loops. The

    guy lines can be used around natural objects like trees which makes the pitching easier. The LY Gapahuk accommodates up to 4 people, depending on how wide or high you want it.

    • Net weight (kg):1.34
    • Net volume (l):0