Svalbard High 3 Camp

4-season tunnel and dome combination

Probably one the world’s most experienced expedition tents

Product: Svalbard High 3 Camp


    • Weight: 5,61 kg
    • Packed size: 50x23 cm

    Svalbard High 3 Camp

    Proven itself on the North Pole, South Pole, Greenland and the world’s highest mountains, Svalbard can be described as a master of expeditions. Few other tents have so many merits and are so well known from the base-camp as our Svalbard. Materials and details have been thoroughly tested and the flysheet har a tear strength of 20 kg, making it one of the most durable in the market.

    Its construction combines the best from dome and tunnel tents, and withstands the harshest conditions. The dome makes the tent extra stabile in strong winds, but also provides more space and height inside, which increases the comfort level if you are weather-bound or generally spend loads of time inside the tent. For increased security in extreme winds some choose to use double poles, and that is possible on this tent.

    Svalbard has, since its introduction in 1999 been both developed and improved, but remain our flagship in the X-Trem category, and through the years it has won consumer tests as 4-season and as an expedition tent. A very good choice for longer winter trips, in tough conditions with strong winds and when you value an extra level of comfort.

    • Tent pole weight (g):1020
    • Tent pole stiffness:1020
    • Deflection:10.25
    • Water column outer tent (mm):3000
    • Tear strength:18
    • Net weight (kg):5.61
    • Net volume (l):50
    • TentEntrences:1
    • Tent vestibules:1
    • TentPegs:32
    • Tent persons:3
    • Pole segment length (cm):48
    • Tent inner weight (kg):1.3
    • Tent outer weight (kg):2.39
    • Tent pegs weight (g):800
    • Tent water column ground sheet (mm):5000