Rondane Superlight 3 Camp

Superlight tunneltent

Perfect combination of wind stability and ultra-low weight.

Product: Rondane Superlight 3 Camp


    • Weight: 1,65 kg
    • Packed Volume: 16x40 cm

    Rondane Superlight 3 Camp

    Rondane Superlight 3 Camp is one of the world’s lightest tunnel tents. It has a low aerodynamic shape, which makes it a stable three-person tunnel tent, even in bad weather. All of the details are produced with a combination of lightweight and functionality. These attributes reduce the volume and the weight to only 1,65 kg. The tent pitches flysheet and inner sheet together for speed and simplicity. It has two minimalistic vents and a skirt vent to reduce condensation.

    The simple and clean design makes this a perfect tent for weight conscious mountaineers.

    • Water column outer tent (mm):2000
    • Net weight (kg):1.84
    • Net volume (l):40
    • TentEntrences:1
    • Tent vestibules:1
    • TentPegs:17
    • Tent persons:3
    • Pole segment length (cm):36
    • Tent pegs weight (g):150
    • Tent water column ground sheet (mm):3000