Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp

Practical, ultra lightweight and versatile 3-season tent with whole front opening

Product: Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
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  • Weight: 2,10 kg
  • Packed size: 40x17 cm
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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Tent pole weight (g):840
  • Tent pole stiffness:840
  • Deflection:9
  • Water column outer tent (mm):2000
  • Net weight (kg):2.1
  • Country of Origin:BGD
  • TentEntrences:2
  • Tent vestibules:1
  • TentPegs:17
  • Tent persons:3
  • Pole segment length (cm):36
  • Tent inner weight (kg):0.54
  • Tent outer weight (kg):0.84
  • Tent pegs weight (g):150
  • Tent water column ground sheet (mm):3000


      What’s the difference between Pro, Superlight, Trek and X-Trem tents?

      The tents are made of different materials and meet different needs.

      SUPERLIGHT is a 3-season tent: Very light, small packing volume and robust materials.

      PRO is a 4-season tent (year-round tent): Very robust, our most versatile tent.

      X-TREM is adapted for expeditions and winter use.

      TREK is a cheaper 3-season tent and is designed for easier use, for example on campsites.


      Read more about materials here!

      What is a dome tent?

      A dome tent has crossing tent poles. 


      • withstands a lot of wind from all directions
      • freestanding
      • good roof height


      • small vestibule
      • can be difficult to pitch
      • heavier than a tunnel tent

      For example: Reinsfjell Pro 2

      Read more here!

      What is a tunnel tent?

      A tunnel tent has parallel tent poles.


      • low weight
      • large vestibule
      • quick and easy to pitch


      • must be well staked out against the weather
      • not freestanding
      • lower roof height

      For example: Lofoten Superlight 2 Camp

      Read more here!

      What does 3-season and 4-season tent mean?

      A 3-season tent is designed primarily to be used in spring, summer and autumn. This means that the material is not designed to withstand snow, ice and extreme weather.
      Our Superlight tents have the least possible weight and packing volume.

      A 4-season tent is designed to be used all year round. Our PRO tents are extremely robust and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
      The PRO tents are the perfect compromise between weight, packing volume and robustness.

      For a winter hike in the mountains, we recommend an X-Trem tent that can withstand snow, ice and strong winds. Storm flaps and reinforced guy rope points make the X-Trem tents suitable for the toughest of expeditions.

      How do I choose the right tent for me?

      The most important questions are: When, where and how are you going to use your tent?

      You need to consider the season (weather), size (how many people), weight and how robust your tent needs to be.

      Here are some examples:

      1: Hiking in summer, low weight is important, 3 people
      --> Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp

      2: Hiking all year round, 2 people, tent must be freestanding
      --> Reinsfjell 2 Pro

      3: Winter expeditions, 3 people, use with a sled bag, easy to pitch
      --> Spitsbergen X-Trem 4 Camp

      What materials do you use in your tents?

      We use nylon or polyester for the tent cloth and aluminum for our poles.

      The choice of materials is essential to the product’s performance and service life. 

      Read more here!

      Why should I use a footprint?

      A footprint:

      • protects against damage and lengthens the life of the tent
      • is more comfortable and prevents damp from getting in the tent
      • minimizes condensation in the tent

      You can find all footprints here.

      Read more here!

      What does the weight stated on my tent include?

      The net weight stated on the tent includes the outer tent, inner tent, poles, repair splints and sleeves, and pegs.

      Can Helsport repair damage to my tent?

      Yes. Service and repairs are a fundamental part of our thinking.

      We can repair all sorts of damage. For example, rips, broken zippers, guy ropes, peg loops and much more.

      Our sewing department in Ranheim (Trondheim) can repair your products and help you with spares.

      Read more here!

    Shipping & returns

    The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

    A mountain with a body of water below.
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
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    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
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    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp
    Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp