Fonnfjell Superlight 2

Lightweigt with baldakin door

Superlight tunnel tent with three flexible entrances


    • Weight: 2,00 kg
    • Packed size: 36x21 cm

    Fonnfjell Superlight 2

    Fonnfjell SuperLight is a little different than our other tunnel tents. The tent has three alternative entrances. Quite unique is that of them is a large side opening that easily can be transformed into a sheltered porch using two poles as support. This creates a huge area for cooking, even when the rain is pouring. The inner tent has extra floor length and more than enough space for even the largest sleeping mats. Large pockets inside make it easy to organize and keep the tent nice and tidy.

    Every detail on this tent is designed with combination of lightweight and functionality in mind. Not just textiles, but also guy points, peg loops, poles and vents are designed to reduce weight down to an ideal minimum. This tent is perfect for fishing and shorter trips, as well as any kind of hike in the mountains. This is superlight comfort with a view! Poles for the baldakin is not included.

    • Tent pole weight (g):430
    • Tent pole stiffness:430
    • Deflection:9
    • Water column outer tent (mm):2000
    • Net weight (kg):2.45
    • Net volume (l):36
    • TentEntrences:2
    • Tent vestibules:1
    • TentPegs:18
    • Tent persons:2
    • Pole segment length (cm):36
    • Tent inner weight (kg):560
    • Tent outer weight (kg):0.81
    • Tent pegs weight (g):160
    • Tent water column ground sheet (mm):3000