Alta SL

A Superlight version of our popular test winner, Alta

  • Weight: 1.28:
  • T-lim: -2°C
  • Person length: 185 cm
  • Volume when compressed: 27x21 cm (9L)

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number 600-385
  • Fill Material:Thermolite T3 Ecomade 2x100 gsm
  • Outer fabric:100% 20D Nylon
  • Inner fabric:100% 50D Polyester
  • Country of origin:P.R. of China
  • T-Comf:3°C (37.4°F)
  • T-Lim:-2°C (28.4°F)
  • T-Ext:-19°C (-2.2°F)
  • Zip:Left
  • Carry weight:1.28 kg
  • Person length:18 cm
  • Person width:7 cm
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Concept:Challenger


      How do I find the right size sleeping bag for me?

      Our sleeping bags are designed for maximum heat within the stated temperature range.

      New sleeping bags can therefore feel a bit tight compared to a duvet that we are used to sleeping in.

      If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of warmth for comfort, there’s no harm in going up a size, and conversely, if you're willing to sacrifice a little comfort for warmth, you can go for a smaller sleeping bag.

      If you're of a rather broad build, we also recommend going a size up, or choosing a lady's sleeping bag, as these are slightly roomier around the upper body.

      Follow our size recommendations (height/width):

      • Female; 173 cm; beginner: Rago Lady (175 cm)
      • Female; 178 cm; experienced: Rago Lady (175 cm)
      • Male; 182 cm; beginner: Rago (185 cm)
      • Male; 188 cm; beginner: Rago Long (200 cm)
      • Male; 190 cm; expert: Rago (185 cm)

      Can I wash my sleeping bag?

      Yes, you can wash your sleeping bag.

      We also recommend using a sleeping bag liner to protect the sleeping bag against sweat and dirt. The sleeping bag liner is more durable and can be washed frequently.

      Read more here: Caring for your sleeping bag!

      What does comfort temperature (T-COMF), T-LIM and T-EXT mean?

      • T-COMF: The green zone is called the comfort zone and within this temperature range most people can sleep comfortably in their sleeping bag.

      • T-LIM: The yellow zone is called the transition zone from comfort to risk. In this zone, a lot of people can sleep comfortably, but some will start to freeze.

      • T-EXT: The red zone is the risk zone and is defined as a zone in which a person can experience severe cold and be at risk of hypothermia (dangerously low body temperature). For example, an average woman can withstand a maximum of six hours in this zone.

      Read more here!

      What temperature sleeping bag should I choose?

      It depends on your needs. Where and when are you going to use the sleeping bag?

      General rule: The outdoor temperature should not be lower than the comfort temperature T-COMF stated on the sleeping bag

      T-COMF 5: In summer / Rago Spring Lady

      T-COMF 0: From spring to autumn / Rago

      T-COMF -10: In winter / Rago Winter

      T-COMF -16: In winter and expeditions / Rago X-Trem

      T-COMF below -20: Expeditions / Spitsbergen

      Read more here!

      Should I choose a fiber or down sleeping bag?

      This is often down to taste and comfort, but if you want the lowest possible weight, you should choose down. Down insulates better than fibers of the same weight, but it doesn't cope with moisture as well as fiber sleeping bags.
      For example Rago

      Fiber bags insulate better than down bags if they get wet. If you’re going hiking in a humid climate, fiber is the right choice.
      For example Alta Superlight

      Read more here!

      What is the European temperature recommendation EN 13537?

      This is a standard for how sleeping bags are tested and labeled, so that you can compare sleeping bags from different manufacturers easily.

      My sleeping bag zipper is broken, can it be repaired?

      Yes, it's possible.

      When we're sent sleeping bags with a “broken” zipper, in 99% of cases it's just the slider that's worn out. If you replace it, it will be as good as new.

      Here you can read more about our service department.

      How do I pack my sleeping bag for a trip?

      Stuffing it in is right!

      We recommend that you always stuff your sleeping bag into the compression sack, instead of rolling it. This is the same whether you have a fiber or down bag.

      How do I store my sleeping bag?

      Store your sleeping bag in a dry, well-ventilated place in a large storage sack.


      Read more here!

      Where does the down you use come from?

      All Helsport sleeping bags only use down certified to RDS – Responsible Down Standard.

      To learn more about RDS, visit

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