Light, spacious, comfortable and user-friendly 3-season down bag


    Svadalen gives you high comfort and is very user-friendly. For increased comfort, we made the bag 90 cm wide, with a foot- end zipper for extra ventilation. You can also make the sleeping bag into a warm and comfortable duvet by opening both zippers. That is especially convenient on hot summer days.

    The sleeping bag is filled with duck down, making it light weight and easy to compress to a minimum; perfect when you want to pack light.

    Svadalen is perfect if you want a light, spacious and user- friendly down bag for spring, summer and fall.

    • Zip length (cm):190
    • Fill Material:80/20 Duck down 650 FP
    • Fill weight (g):639
    • Net weight (kg):1.4
    • Net volume (l):0
    • T-Comf:-3
    • T-Lim:-9
    • T-Ext:-27
    • Sleeping bag person length (cm):190
    • Sleeping bag person width (cm):85
    • Gender:Unisex