Stream Pro Packraft

From landscape traverses to mountain lake fishing, to canyoneering and bikepacking; our new packrafts are perfect for multiday adventures.

  • Durable and robust packraft with generous capacity for carrying cargo
  • Offers space and great stability for 1 person
  • Spraydeck, seat and pump bag included
  • Comfortable paddling position through innovative design

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number 50030-23-10451
  • FabricContent:
    • Nylon 6.6 with TPU on both sides
  • Country of origin:P.R. of China
  • Carry weight:4.4 kg
  • Length:252 cm
  • Width:97 cm
  • Depth:33 cm
  • Concept:Stream
  • Color:Dark Shadow / Ruby Red


    How thick, robust and strong is the material for Helsport packraft?

    Our packraft is made of Nylon 6.6. Itis very robust and strong.

    Tube: 420D Nylon 6.6 + 0.1/0.1mm TPU

    Floor: 420D Nylon 6.6 + 0.2/0.2mm TPU

    Spraydeck: 40D Nylon + 0.08/0.08mm TPU

    The material is coated with TPU on both sides, it is much more airtight than other packrafts.

    What is included with Helsport Stream Pro packraft?

    Helsport Stream Pro packraft comes with a spraydeck, seat, pump bag and repair kit.

    Accessories from Helsport: Stream Pro Paddle

    We recommend that you always use a paddling vest when you are on the water.

    What are the dimensions of the Helsport Stream Pro packraft?

    Length: 252 cm

    Width: 97 cm

    Depth: 33 cm

    Inside length: 115cm

    Inside width: 35cm

    Weight: 4,4 kg

    How to repair the Stream Pro packrafts?

    There is a repair kit included with the bag. It is a self adhesive patch. You must first find the hole, clean and dry the area before applying the patch and then press it hard. The repair patches can fit in the handle of the packraft.

    How much weight does the Stream Pro packraft carry?

    Up to 150 kg.

    It is made for one person and has a large load capacity. We recommend that you always wear a paddling/lifevest when you are on the water.

    How many people does the Stram Pro packraft fit?

    It is made for one person and has a large load capacity. We recommend that you always wear a paddling vest when you are on the water. It can carry up to 150 kg.

    What safety equipment do I need to use on a packraft?

    A Personal Floating Device is recommended and even mandatory in some situations (depending on country's regulations). We always recommend using PFD, even on flat water.

    What equipment do I need for packrafting?

    Paddle: Helsport Stream Pro Paddle

    Spraydeck: Følger med vår Stream Pro packraft

    Pump: Pumpebag følger med vår Stream Pro packraft

    Personal Floating Device

    How is the directional stability of the Stream Pro packraft when it does not have a fin?

    It's actually pretty good. Remember it's still a packraft so a canoe or kayak paddles better. Paddle with a high frequency and not too much force, so it goes better in still water.

    Most packraft fins are quite small too so the differences are not that big.

    Remember that fins can be ok on still water - but in rivers fins have no function - and it is on rivers that packraft is best.

    We had two packrafts with fins and after some testing and comparison we decided not to have fins.

Shipping & returns

The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

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