Gravel SL 4L Halfbag

Bike packs made for minimalistic multiday adventures by bike. Keeps the essentials organized and completely dry in harsh conditions when you are on a bikepacking adventure.

  • Minimalistic frame bag with a weight of 250 g
  • Offers 4 L storage room with a size of 45x15(10)x6 cm
  • Water resistant material with a water column of 8000 mm

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Product information

Technical specifications

  • Product number 50032-23-10510
  • FabricContent:
    • 420D Nylon with Double sided TPU Coating
  • Country of origin:P.R. of China
  • Length:45 cm
  • Width:6 cm
  • Depth:15 cm
  • Backpack volume:4 L
  • Concept:Gravel
  • Color:Stone Grey /Sunset Yellow


    Which bicycles and frames do Helsport bikepacking products fit?

    GRAVEL SL 10L SADDLE BAG: Fits most bicycles, except for very small frame sizes where there is not enough space between the bag and the rear wheel. It is possible to use our saddle bag with a dropper seat post, but this may limit the functionality of the dropper.

    GRAVEL SL 1L TOP TUBE BAG: Fits most bicycles. If for some reason the top tube is very thick, the straps can be extended. The velcro straps that come with the bag are not the only option for attaching it to the frame - you can use cable ties, voile straps, string, electrical tape, etc.

    GRAVEL SL 4L HALFBAG: Fits most hardtail frames size M and up. We tested this bag with size S frames as well and it worked fine. It can be difficult to use the drink bottle cage together with the Halfbag. It has several attachment positions.

    GRAVEL SL HANDLEBAR HARNESS: Suitable for all bicycles. There are 3 mounting positions for the spacers - easy to remove and find the best position. Round objects can be placed in it. A dry bag would be the best option.

    What can I pack in a handlebar bag?

    GRAVEL SL HANDLEBAR HARNESS: It works best with a tent and sleeping mat. You can also carry a dry bag in it. For example TREK PRO 30L DRY BAG


    What can I pack in a saddle bag?

    GRAVEL SL 10L SADDLE BAG: It's the best bag to keep your gear dry, so it's a perfect place for your sleeping bag, and spare clothes. Maybe something for cooking and camping equipment.

    What can I pack in a framebag?

    GRAVEL SL 4L HALFBAG: It's best to keep the things you want handy without getting off the bike - camera, documents, wallet, rain gear, extra layers of clothing, water, tools.

    What can I pack in a top tube bag?

    GRAVEL SL 1L TOP TUBE BAG: Gear you need to reach without looking because you can do it (with a little practice) while riding. Sunglasses, snacks, mobile phone, power banks, flashlight.

    How can I attach Helsport bikepacking bags to my bicycle?

    They are easy to attach with Velcro straps. Watch the videos here.


    Are Helsport bicycle bags waterproof?

    The fabric of our bike bags is waterproof. You can fill the bags with water and they won't leak for months.

    The saddlebag is waterproof with a good closing mechanism and it is waterproof. That means it would survive hours of pouring rain and the contents would be dry.

    The Toptube bag would survive the rain just fine. With high speeds and heavy rain, some water may enter. We recommend protecting the contents from rain (e.g. bags).

    Halfbag is waterproof, the zips are waterproof. It would survive a day in the rain with no problem.

    How robust are Helsport bicycle bags?

    The fabric of the bags is very robust. It is coated with TPU on both sides.

    The laser-cut grooves in the fabric allow the bags to be attached to the frame. The attachment points are very strong, but if you use too much force these can be destroyed. Use common sense when attaching extra equipment to the saddlebag

    How to wash and maintain bicycle bags?

    Do not use a tumble dryer or washing machine, as this can damage the bags. Use only mild detergent and hand-warm water.

    We recommend removing the bags from the bike. Remove all Velcro fasteners. Keep the zips closed, and wash off all mud and dust from the outside. Wash the Velcro fasteners in warm water for at least half an hour to release mud and dust.

    Wash the frame bag on the outside first. Open the bag and remove the partition. Wash it inside making sure to drain all the water and let it dry. Make sure there is no dirt under the tracks. Put the Velcro back. Install the bag.

    Regular cleaning of zips with a soft brush (an old toothbrush works well) is highly recommended, especially after riding in the mud.

    Lubricate the zippers with a dedicated zipper lubricant at least once a season and after every wash. Check the Velcro fasteners regularly. Turn them from time to time to relieve the wear points.

    How to store bikepacking bags?

    Wash the bags and dry them thoroughly before storing them. Store them empty, in a dry place. Avoid storing them compressed as the fabric and bracing may bend permanently.

    How to repair Helsport bicycle bags?

    For small holes: Use Urethane glue (such as Seamgrip or Aquasure).

    • Place the masking tape on the outside of the bag and apply a thin layer of glue to the inside of the bag
    • Make sure nothing comes into contact with the glue
    • Remove the tape after 24 hours

    You can also use repair patches (such as duct tape or other outdoor repair products) and apply them to the inside of the bag for a clean look.

    For large holes - first sew the hole with a nylon thread.

    • Cut a piece of fabric at least 5mm wider than your seam
    • Apply the urethane adhesive to the back of the patch (thin, even layer)
    • Apply a thin layer of glue to the stitched area
    • Let it dry a little for 15 minutes
    • Apply the patch
    • The glue needs at least 24 hours to harden.

Shipping & returns

The item must be unused and returned undamaged in the original packaging.

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