Fjellduk X-Trem Mt. Camo

Our warmest fjellduk

Fjellduk X-Trem is our warmest fjellduk and perfect for keeping the hunter warm

Product: Fjellduk X-Trem Mt. Camo

    Fjellduk X-Trem Mt. Camo

    Fjellduk Xtrem has the same qualities as the other models, in addition is is isolated, which ensures you to keep warm when you are on post while hunting. It is also possible to make it into a sleeping bag.

    Helsport Fjellduk is a convenient multi-use product used in different ways depending on the situation and needs. Whether you are surprised by extreme weather or light camping, the Helsport fjellduk will be functional The hoody and arms are detachable and can be zipped off/on, depending on needs. It can be used as a poncho, sleeping bag, wind sack or tarp. Helsport Fjellduk comes in different colors/patterns and thicknesses.

    Weight: Tarp: 1500 g Hood + Arms: 200 g Total: 1700 g

    Volume comp.: 20x25 cm

    Measure: Folded out cm: 160x230 Wind sack cm: 115x160 Sleeping bag cover cm: 80x230


    • Hiking
    • Hunting
    • MultidayTrekking
      Multiday Trekking

    • Net weight (kg):1.82
    • Net volume (l):0