Planning a winter adventure?

Our most rugged and durable winter tents are tested in the world´s roughest environments, and are ready to keep you safe when the storm hits.

Like you – we love to explore. Especially during the winter season.Our line of X-Trem products are made to withstand some of the most unfriendly conditions nature has to offer. So that you can stay safe and enjoy the storm raging outside the the thin fabric. 

Lofoten X-trem 

Lofoten X-Trem Camp is an all-round tent designed for demanding trips. With its perfect combination of weight, volume and smart solutions, the Lofoten X-Trem Camp is a practical, spacious and robust tunnel tent.




Lofoten X-Trem

Fjellheimen X-trem 

Our Fjellheimen-series is known for offering generous volume at a low weight. The X-Trem version is no exception, and it's our lightest X-Trem tent relative to size. The tent was developed together with professional users of the standard model; they loved the tent so much they wanted an extreme version they could use in more challenging conditions.




Fjellheimen X-Trem

Spitbergen X-trem 

The Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp's aerodynamic design is particularly intended to resist severe wind. Combined with solid storm flaps around the tent, strong guy lines and extra guy lines, this tent is a safe place in all weathers.



 Spitsbergen X-Trem


Svalbard X-trem 

The role of the Svalbard in Helsport’s range is essential and very simple: it is our warmest down-filled sleeping bag. We combined our experience in designing equipment for the most extreme environments on earth, all we learned from the fit and fill technology from our Rago range, and took it to the next level. Only the hybrid Spitsbergen is warmer and gives more protection in extreme cold.


Svalbard X-trem


Even though lots have changed since 1951, our goal remains the same: To provide you with the best outdoor experience possible – and preferably help you challenge your personal boundaries a little bit as well;)

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