How to choose the right lavvo

A lavvu is both practical and comfortable, and a very sociable way of sleeping and camping. What could be nicer than sitting around a fire in a dry, warm lavvu? With plenty of space for family and friends, lavvus are perfect for getting everyone together for meals and to exchange stories about the day’s adventures.

Helsport’s lavvus are easy to pitch and suitable for year-round use. Due to their weight, lavvus are usually used for shorter trips, or as a base camp for day trips. That being said, calculated by person, lavvus are relatively light. That means that they can indeed be used for longer trips if the weight is split between several people.

In 2018, we launched a new, light and strong aluminium pole that makes pitching the lavvu even easier. The pole is connected by a shock cord, making it easy to collapse, just like a regular tent pole.

Pick the right size

Helsport’s lavvus are available in several sizes and the size is denoted as the number of people for whom the lavvu is suitable. This is the number of people who can fit inside the lavvu lying down. If the lavvu is filled to capacity, however, there won’t be room for much kit.

When selecting a lavvu size you should therefore take into account how many people will be going on the trip. Add a little extra for kit and equipment as lavvus lack the kit area that regular tents tend to have. If four people are going, a lavvu designed for 4-6 people is ideal. This gives you enough space for a stove, your kit, dog and firewood. Many choose a lavvu over a regular tent precisely because the former gives them the opportunity to light a fire or use a stove, whilst also offering them standing room, so it’s good to ensure that you have enough space to be able to enjoy these features.

Don’t forget about accessories

For increased comfort, maximal use and a great experience, you need the right accessories. An inner tent and a ground sheet will raise living standards considerably and should be a natural part of your lavvu if you’re planning to use it a lot. These components will make the indoor climate drier and you’ll be more comfortable. Our Varanger, Varanger Camp and Finnmark lavvus have fixtures for attaching both a ground sheet and an inner tent.

For heating, we recommend our own wood stove. The wood stove has a pipe that can be adjusted to the size of the lavvu and a top cover which prevents the tent cloth coming into contact with the hot pipe. The stove has a large top surface which can be used for cooking or making coffee. A stove also generates a lot less smoke inside the lavvu than a traditional open fire.

If you’ll be away for a while and don’t want to have to carry a stove, we also have a smallerburner which also provides excellent heating. The burner is fitted to the lavvu pole and has a top lid that can be used for cooking.

You might also want to consider our combineddrying rack and coffee pot holder to make life inside the lavvu more practical. It allows you to dry wet clothes, making it easier to keep the lavvu tidy.

Our lavvus

All our lavvus are made from the same materials but differ in terms of their details and construction. There are two main lavvu variants; one with and one without a camp section. The camp section is a retractable awning that provides additional space and prevents rain from getting into the lavvu when the door is open.

Internal adjustment of the top-hat and mosquito netting at the entrance are standard features in all our lavvus. Other details and adjustment possibilities for guy lines and peg loops, practical guy line fixtures etc. are not essential to lavvu functioning but still included as standard in the Helsport lavvus as they make pitching and using the lavvu practical and easy. All our lavvus are also made from flame-retardant fabric.

Varanger Camp and Varanger are identical aside from the camp solution. The lavvu that stands out the most is Finnmark. Varanger has all the practical details needed to adjust the top-hat and the option to attach an inner tent and ground sheet.

The Finnmark lavvu has been developed for use in challenging and extreme conditions. It features an inner tent which can be lowered in order to retain more heat inside, two entrances and several guy line points. It also has a ground sheet attached to the inner tent. This lavvu will remain standing in any conditions, and with two entrances you will always have one that is sheltered from weather and wind.

The Pasvik lavvu is somewhat more basic and lighter and aimed at those who will need to carry the lavvu over longer distances. This lavvu does not have fixtures for attaching an inner tent and can only be combined with a ground sheet. It does feature all our standard lavvu details, sturdy materials and a large, wide entrance area complete with mosquito netting and adjustable vents for a good indoor climate.

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help you find the lavvu that suits you best.

Good luck choosing your lavvu!