How to choose the perfect summer tent

Helsport tents are divided into four categories - Trek, Superlight, Pro, and X-Trem. Unless you are going on a summer expedition to The North Pole, the tents in the Trek, Superlight, and Pro families will cover all your needs.

Our guide begins with a brief explanation of the difference between a dome tent and a tunnel tent (which is often the first question when choosing a tent), and then we will walk through some possible summer scenarios, making it easier to choose your next tent.

Dome Tent

The simplest way to recognize a dome tent is that it stands on its own. You do not have to stretch it out with ropes, or fasten it with stakes, and the tent can be placed on large flat boulders or small narrow spaces. Dome tents are usually also stable in windy conditions (regardless of wind direction) and often have good ceiling height. Examples of our dome tents are the Reinsfjell series, which can be found in the Trek, Superlight, Pro, and X-Trem categories.




  • Withstands wind from all directions
  • Easier to set up on demanding surfaces, and often stands on its own with guy lines or stakes
  • Good ceiling height
  • Minimal fluttering of the tent cloth in windy conditions


  • Often little or no awning
  • Can be more difficult to set up
  • Often heavier than other types of tents

Tunnel Tent

Tunnel tents often have spacious awnings, are lightweight, and are easy to set up. However, tunnel tents require more ground space as the tent cloth has to be stretched with ropes and secured with stakes. Tunnel tents must be pitched with the short side against the wind, otherwise the tent could flutter loudly in the wind or become unstable. One of our bestselling tunnel tents is the Fjellheimen series. It is available in all categories - Tek, Superlight, Pro, and X-Trem.




  • Low weight to size ratio
  • Often spacious with large awnings
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Must be well secured against weather and wind conditions. Can become unstable if the short side is not pitched against the wind.
  • Often slightly lower ceiling height than a dome tent
  • Requires ample ground space



So, the sun is out and your vacation plans are booked. But what kind of tent fits you and your summer holiday? We have put together a small guide to help you out!

Cohort-Tent - 3 people tent

Who: You and your friends

Where: Eidsburgarden / Jotunheimen National Park

Tent: Reinsfjell Pro 

Why: The Reinsfjell Pro is a stable dome tent that is perfect for a summer adventure in the mountains. With two entrances and two awnings, it allows you to sneak out to watch the sunrise without waking your tent buddy. It requires very little ground space to set up, and if you want to move it due to the view it is easy to lift and carry. With built in hanging points for a clothes line, it is no problem to hang up your swimsuit after a refreshing mountain swim. Mosquito nets and lockable valve openings ensure maximum air circulation and less condensation, which in turn leads to a better night’s sleep. While there are certainly lighter tents in the Helsport family, the Reinsfjell Pro is your best bet for a comfortable base camp.



The Lonesome Traveller - The lightest tents in the world

Who: You. Not your girlfriend, not your dog, not your mother-in-law, just you.

Where: Tafjordfjella Mountain Range

Tent: Ringstind Superlight

Why: When you set off on a long hike in the mountains, and your biggest concern is making sure to pack enough chocolate for the journey. The Ringstind Superlight weighs only one kilogram, making it one of the lightest tents in the world. It’s thoughtful design makes it easy to set up alone, even in difficult conditions. Your best friend may not be with you on this trip, but fear not. The Ringstind Superlight is your new BFF.



The Romantic Getaway - Tents for 2 people

Who: You and your sweetheart

Where: Lofoten

Tent: Lofoten Superlight 

Why: This is a practical, versatile, and super light tent, perfect for prioritizing the weight of things other than tents in your pack. It sets up quick and easy, so you can enjoy the sunset and each other, rather than arguing about the best way to pitch a tent. The awning can be opened completely, perfect for relaxing in your sleeping bags and admiring the nature after a long day’s hike. The dream is to find that special someone to spend your life with. And since life is best in a tent, maybe you have found the right one!


The Next Generation Of Mountain Folk - Family tents

Who: The family

Where: Romsdalen

Tent: Lofoten Trek 5

Why: With the challenges that come with a trip with kids, you need to know that you have a spacious, reliable, and comfortable tent. It is not our lightest tent to be sure, but trips with children are not usually the longest of treks, and this tent is right at home at the park campsite or alongside the forest road. On tent trips with children (or any newbies for that matter) it’s important to have some small surprises along the way to help them forget the mosquitos and remember that this is the coolest thing they have ever done and must be repeated… Preferably tomorrow.


The Paddle Enthusiasts 

Who: You and the paddler

Where: Sørlandet

Tent: Reinsfjell Superlight

Why: On a paddle tour, where there is an increased chance that your overnight stay will be on the rocks, dome tents really come in handy. The Reinsfjell Superlight is a light tent with two awnings, one to be used either as a private entrance or gear storage. This highly packable tent has a surprisingly roomy feel, so should you need a rest day the time in the tent will be a pleasure.



The Treehugger (Hammock-Sleeper)

Who: You

Where: Nordmarka

Tent: Bitihorn Trek Tarp

Why: Okay, so you have been bitten by the hammock bug, and you get your best sleep when you are hanging between two trees, bent slightly into a banana shape. We totally get it. But you still need to stay dry through the night. The tarp is the simplest wilderness home, and with a little creative use of the trees and other natural elements, you have countless possibilities for different setups. Sleep tight!


Still not sure? Choose a tent for multiple purposes

Which one of the above are you? If you’re still not quite sure, don't hesitate to pop us a question. We have a broad collection of tents covering different needs for different amounts of people. So you are able to get a good night sleep and be rested for new adventures.