Summer camping tips: How to pack your backpack

Are you planning a multi-day hike? We've had a chat with product developer Jarle, and here's some great tips on how to pack your backpack.

- There are several factors to consider, but the most important is where the weight is placed in the backpack. Heavier items must be packed against the back. On summer trips, the center of gravity may well be relatively high up, and most efficient is to have the heaviest gear close to your shoulder blades.

Most people often pack the sleeping bag in the bottom of the backpack, since you don’t need it until nightfall. Here, Jarle has a great tip! 

- I recommend to use a larger, waterproof cover, instead of the cover that comes with the sleeping back. This way, you can still compress the sleeping bag, but it won’t be so stuffed, and you can create a pillow at the bottom of your pack, which makes it easier to balance. You’ll get a mendable mass that acts as a shock absorber, and makes it easier to pack the rest of the bag. Many people end up with unstable bags, with hard, bulky items that stick out and can either break, or cause holes in the bag. 

Food is often heavy and can be difficult to pack. Jarle recommends trying to get it in the middle of the bag to create a good center of gravity. Things you need along the way, such as a waterproof jacket, compass or sunglasses, should be easily accessible.

- Be critical of what you bring and bring with you as little as possible, says Jarle.

- Many brings bits and pieces "just in case ...", but this will ultimately lead to a lot of unnecessary weight. All the small things add up! 

There are a number of super lightweight products on the market, but is it wise to spend your holiday savings to spare four grams on a carbon fork? Maybe not. On the other hand, you can quickly lose a pound or more by replacing a fiber sleeping bag from last millennium with Trollheimen Superlight! And the most important tip to save weight? Instead of bringing extras, repair along the way!

- Instead of bringing multiples of the same item “just in case,” I bring a multi-tool that allows me to fix things along the way. That’s maybe the easiest way to save weight!