Helsport wins Scandinavian Outdoor Award

Helsport wins Hardware Category in the prestigious Scandinavian Outdoor Award for the Adventure Lofoten SL3 tent.

We are pleased to announce the recognition received by the highly experienced jury from Scandinavian Outdoor Group. Our Superlight Adventure Lofoten tent won the Hardware category for spring/summer 23 products and this is their conclusion:

“This tunnel-style-tent combines a large front vestibule with three entrances and super light, yet strong, fabrics. Result: a comfortable 2-to-3-person tent strong enough for all four seasons that weighs less than 2,4 kilos. The Helsport Adventure SL3 is quick and easy to pitch; the front and rear can either be pitched high for more ventilation or close to the ground to give you better wind protection. The jury was also impressed by the innovative construction that reduces seams to a minimum.”


For more information please reach out to
Brand Marketing Manager, Helsport
Gaute Kristiansen - gaute.kristiansen@brav.com




SCANDINAVIAN OUTDOOR AWARD – the best outdoor products of Scandinavia

Excerpt from: scandinavianoutdooraward.com

This is Scandinavian Outdoor Award 

The competition for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award has been held since 2005 to support product and design innovations from Scandinavia and to promote new member products. The international jury will award the best products based on functionality, quality, innovation, design and sustainability. Up to 30 products from Scandinavian Outdoor Group brands will be nominated for the winter and summer season to compete for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award.


The Jury Spring/Summer 23

The Scandinavian Outdoor Award jury is composed of some of the most prestigious outdoor journalists, retailers and experts. The products get examined and tested during outdoor activities by the jury members as well as several online discussions. The award has gained high respect and recognition in both industry and outdoor retail. Products are tested surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Zillertal

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