What is the difference between a dome tent and tunnel tent?

    If weight and space are important to you, you should choose a tunnel tent (For example Lofoten Superlight 3 Camp)

    If you want a sturdy tent that you can put up anywhere, and you're not so bothered about a flysheet and the weight, choose a dome tent.
    (For example Reinsfjell Pro 2)

    See Alexsander Gamme for an explanation of the differences here.  

    What does water column mean?

    Water column is a term used to indicate how much water pressure our materials can handle before the water penetrates the material.

    800 mm water column is considered waterproof according to international standard EN 343. The higher the water column, the better the waterproofness.

    We use different water columns (minimum 2000 mm) for different types of tents, which are adapted to different areas of use and situations. All our tents are 100% waterproof. 

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    Read more about stitching, tear strength and waterproofness here.

    How do I store my tent?

    Treat your tent well on hikes, clean, dry, repair and store it in a dry, dark and cool place.

    Read more about all our tips here.

    How do I maintain my tent?

    Treat your tent well on hikes, clean, dry, repair and store it in a dry, dark and cool place.

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    How do I find the right footprint for my tent?

    Using our search function, search by footprint followed by the product name.

    For example: Footprint Lofoten Superlight 2 Camp

    How can I reduce condensation in my tent?

    Ventilate well, use the vents and air it by opening the tent.
    Use a footprint, as a lot of damp comes from the ground.
    If you cook dinner in your tent, use a lid to stop lots of steam escaping while cooking.
    As far as possible, avoid bringing snow or wet clothing into the tent, as they can cause condensation.

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    How can I clean my tent?

    Pitch the tent and wipe it down with a cloth or sponge and lukewarm water.
    Don't use soap and don't put the tent in the washing machine.

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    Can I impregnate my tent?

    Trek tents and our lavvus can be re-impregnated.

    Superlight, Pro and X-Trem cannot be re-impregnated.

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    Are all Helsport tents fire retardant?

    No, not all of our tents are fire retardant.
    Only trek tents and lavvus are fire retardant.

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    Can you explain more about sewing methods, tear strength and waterproofness?

    Making good tent fabrics is a challenge, since it involves so many different factors working optimally together.

    That’s why we recommend you read more here.

    How does ventilation work in tents?

    The ventilation system reduces condensation, improves the indoor climate and increases sleeping comfort.

    Open the flaps at each end of the tent to ensure an even supply of fresh air/oxygen (taking into account safety and sleeping conditions), at the same time allowing any condensation to escape from the tent.

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    How do I find the right tent poles for my tent?

    You can search for your tent and the right tent poles here.