“Don't lose your sense of adventure!” advises Øyvind Salvesen: climber, IFMGA mountain guide, volunteer at Rogaland Alpine Rescue Group and (most importantly) - a father.

Øyvind Salvesen

“The perfect day outdoors changes throughout life. Since I became a dad, I’ve experienced a lot of joy from easy accessible tours and it feels good. A short walk in the woods with the family, often in the nearby area, is all I need right now.”

“And if I get the opportunity to do a few moves on a boulder while the little one is asleep, that is a great reward on top of everything else.”

Øyvind thrives in steep terrain, and has seen the consequences of it. He lives in Norway's steepest county - Rogaland - with his partner Linda, daughter Ylva (born in 2018) and dog Suunto. Here he offers training and mountain guiding through his company Salvesen Fjellsport in addition to working as an avalanche observer in winter and part-time at a climbing center in Stavanger.

“The professional approach I have gotten through education and training has probably taken some of the spontaneity out of my adventures. Now-a-day, trips differ a lot from what I did earlier. Not knowing exactly what you are going for can often represent a refreshing ingredient.”

One of his most memorable trips was a seven week climbing adventure in Patagonia in the winter of 2014/2015. The tour started by participating in a dramatic rescue operation and ended in beautiful conditions. With light backpacks and a wonderful climb on the mountain of Medialuna, he and his climbing partner completed one of the great classics in the area; "Rubio y azul."

“It is a 10 pitch long route with fantastic climbing along the cracks, dihedrals and chimneys. The conditions were almost perfect, and we were two happy boys sitting at the top in just our woollen shirts in the afternoon. The next day was spent in bliss in the camp where we talked to climbers from far and near, while dreams came true in the mountains around us. These are the moments I look back on with a smile.”

For Øyvind, Helsport has been part of his outdoor life from an early age. His first childhood nights in a tent were spent in an old triangular Helsport tent. He became part of our test team in 2015. "Light is right," is Øyvind's mantra when it comes to equipment. So it comes as no great surprise that his favorite equipment from Helsport is the groundbreaking lightweight Trolltind Superlight 2 tent. The emergency wind shelter has, according to the climber, also saved the day more than once!

“For me, Helsport has always represented tents that can withstand a beating. In recent years, I have been pleased to follow Helsport's market-leading development of extremely light twin-fabric tents, and also their versatile sleeping bag range. The Snota X-TREM backpack is also probably the backpack I’ve carried the most throughout my life.”

Although the long climbing expeditions have been replaced by skiing with sleds and trips with children, Øyvind is confident that he will still enjoy the wilderness. And for people new to the mountain scene he actually has a somewhat surprising tip...

“Don't plan too much! Nowadays, access to information, blogs, route descriptions, maps, apps, and gadgets can add tremendous guidance to your experiences. But don’t lose the sense of adventure. You’ll get a lot out of learning by doing!”

You can follow Øyvind on Instagram @salvesenfjellsport