Technical details

A tent is not just a tent! For more than 60 years, we have been pushing our tents to the limit and listened closely to user feedback. These technical details may not be at the forefront of your mind when in the process of buying a new tent, but you’ll value them once you start using it!

Colour-coded poles and pole channels 

The pole channels of all tents with poles of varying lengths are colour-coded so that the pole and the corresponding channel match. Red pole in red channel, black pole in black channel. It doesn’t get much easier!

Pole cups

When the pole is threaded through the pole sleeve, it is held it in place by a pole cup. .X-TREM tents have pole cups with adjustable straps suitable for both one and two poles. TREK, PRO and SuperLight tents have pole cups suitable for one pole. The SuperLight collection has a slightly simpler solution without the adjustable straps — all to bring the weight down as much as possible! 


The zips are an important component of any tent, which is why Helsport uses products by YKK, the world’s number one zip manufacturer. YKK zips are hard-wearing and easy to use in all conditions. On all our tents, the zip on the outer tent is protected by a zip flap that stops water from entering through the zip. The flap also protects against dirt and dust and reduces the risk of the zip freezing in winter conditions.


Netting shelf in the inner tent

All X-Trem tents feature a detachable netting shelf incorporated into the inner tent. It can be used to store light items such as watches or classes, or for drying.

Storm flaps

All our X-Trem tents are fitted with storm flaps. These tents have been designed to be used in the most challenging conditions. The storm flaps make the tent more impenetrable at the bottom, which reduces the amount of snow and wind capable of getting in. The storm flaps can also be used to secure the tent on loose or stony ground. If the ground is such that it’s difficult to secure the tent, you can place snow or rocks on top of the storm flaps and secure it that way. The storm flaps come into their own in strong winds and on poor ground and help keep your tent safely secured. 


Guy lines

All tents feature reinforced guy line points and all X-Trem tents also have reinforced guy line skirts. The guy line skirts have been added to especially wind-exposed parts of the tent and provide additional wind stability and anchoring. The guy line points have integrated cords, apart from on Superlight tents, that collect the guy lines to prevent tangling. The guy lines are made from closely woven polyester with a tensile strength of 75 kg. The guy lines on Pro and X-Trem tents have reflective threads woven into them to ensure visibility in the dark. 


Connecting the inner and outer tents

All Helsport tents can be pitched with the inner and outer tents already connected. This makes pitching time shorter and you won’t have to worry about your inner tent getting wet in rainy or snowy weather. The inner tent connects to the outer tent using a simple system consisting of clips or cords. This connection system makes it easy to achieve the right distance between the inner and outer tent, which ensures good ventilation and minimises condensation.


If you wish to distribute the weight of the tent between several people during transport, or use the outer tent only, you can separate the two tents. You can, for example, create a large living area by detaching all or part of the inner tent from the outer tent. The inner tent will not be assembled when you purchase your tent, but once it has been attached for the first time, it only needs to be dismantled for drying or maintenance. You can make sure that you fasten the inner tent correctly by starting with the red ribbon.

Peg loops

Some of Helsport’s tent models feature adjustable peg loops to the front and rear. These loops make it easy to tighten the tent up without moving the pegs. The peg loops are made from closely woven polyester using an additional reinforcement seam/cloth.


All Helsport aluminium tent pegs are anodised for corrosion-resistance, and red to help you spot them when it’s time to pack up.

Trek tents: Helsport aluminium peg, 15 cm

Trek lavvus/domes: Helsport X-Trem aluminium peg, 20 cm, 24 grams

Superlight: Helsport aluminium peg, 15 cm, 7.2 grams.

Pro: Helsport aluminium peg, 19 cm, 9.4 grams.

X-Trem: Helsport X-Trem aluminium peg, 20 cm, 24 grams.

Pasvik lavvu: V-pegs measuring 18 cm and weighing 35 grams each.


Snow pegs: if you will be using the tent in winter you need snow pegs. If you do not buy them ahead of your first winter trip, you definitely will before the second once you’ve tried to place the guy lines of a tunnel tent in half a meter of powder using 15 cm aluminium pegs. Just a tip!