Tips and tricks

Raise your hand, if you’re ready to go camping! On these pages you will find everything you need to know before going camping, whether you’ve planned a weekend trip in your local forest, or a month-long expedition in the mountains. 

There’s one thing we can’t do anything about, and that’s the weather, but whether it is sun, rain or snow, we want to give you a "toolbox" of tips and tricks so you can get the best trip possible. Here you’ll find advice on how to pitch your tent in all weather conditions, and who knows, maybe that sunshine comes tomorrow? 

It’s something magical about going into the mountains, and pitching your tent at the most beautiful spot, but even though many places are quite liberal to camping, there are some rules and regulations you have to follow. 

We’ll also give you some great advice on how to take care of your equipment. Helsport is proud to make high quality equipment, and we love it when our service department gets a 30 year old tent in for repair. After some TLC, and maybe a new zipper, the tent is as good as new, and ready for many more years of exploration. Get the tips here, because looking after your tent is easy!