Technical info

Do you think compression fabrics and insulation systems are super exciting? Do you wonder how Pertex contributes to good sleeping comfort? Not to mention, why is it important for you and your sleep?

On these pages you will find information about all the technical details, this is the print! If it gets too complicated you can go back to our purchase guides, as the most important information is there anyway, but if you are passionate about cold bridges, two-layer insulation and stitching, you’re in for a treat and will find a lot of useful material here.

By learning a little about the various details, it is also easier for you to find the optimal sleeping bag for your needs. You will quickly understand why Svalbard X-Trem is not necessary for a summer hike in Southern Norway, and also realize that Trollheimen Superlight is not the sleeping bag for a trip to Patagonia in February.

Helsport has produced sleeping bags for almost 70 years, and we have used the feedback we have received from polar explorers, mountain climbers and outdoor people to make continuous improvements. That means that we know a lot about down, fabrics and insulation, and we are happy to tell you about it!